4th of July Boat Parade Winner(s)

Thanks to all of you who participated in the parade.  It was a big success with a record number 29 boats.  On a split vote, the winners were the “Mini-Boat” from the Mays on Sunset Shores:

And the “Flagboat” from the Shulls on Hillcrest.


Who You Gonna Call…

The Turtle Busters

When Jo Rahaim and Sue Miller spotted this monster crossing W Bear Lake Rd heading toward the lake, they knew who to call.


Rich Vervisch fired up his four-wheeler and headed down the road with a flat-bladed shovel while Sam searched through the nearby lake properties.   He spotted it…


Rich scooped it up and placed it tail down in a five-gallon bucket.  It was not a happy camper and tried several times to get out of his jail.  


But the story has a happy ending.  It was relocated to a better resort -Mallard Lake –  where it could eat all it wanted and not nibble on the toes of the residents of Bear Lake.


8th Annual Bear Lake Association Meeting

Click on the links below to review the meeting minutes and the PowerPoint slide show presented at the Annual Meeting on May 28, 2017.  

2017 Annual Meeting Minutes – final

2017 Annual Meeting – Presentation