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  1. All my beach/play area weeds are gone. My lake mat has completed its task naturally. I don’t need it anymore so I’m selling it. It’s still in good shape. It’s about 12′ x 28′. It’s on my shoreline ready to be rolled up and taken to your shoreline. New ones are over $400 ( $100.

  2. Mark Neracher says

    Paddle Boat for sale on Bear Lake.
    Green and White four seater with rear compartment.
    Selling for ailing local friend. $375
    Text 480-444-9150 Mark

  3. Hi all!
    We are looking for a recommendation for plumber/well contractor to look at our pump located at our Bear Lk Cottage. We could not get the pump to prime even after replacing parts.

    Any recommendations will be appreciated!

    Bev & Ron Cameron

  4. Free paddle boat…just paddle it away.

  5. Chris Bicknell says

    We have an aluminum boat hoist free to anyone that needs one, its sitting up on the shore. 1,500# capacity, good condition.

    • Hi chris do you happen to have a pic? I think it would work for our pontoon if you still have the lift.

      • If you like you can call me I guess I would need interior dimensions as well lol!!! Here is my phone number. 419-466-1204.

  6. Mike Knudstrup says

    I am a recent addition to the Bear Lake community having purchased property in January of 2020. I grew up in Mancelona but we always flew by the Bear Lake signs on 72 without giving it a second thought. I have to admit I have kind of fallen for the place. The turquoise blue waters are mesmerizing. A few locals have told me the water quality has fallen over the years. When I’ve been on the lake I’ve noticed piles of dark leaves. I was wondering about their effect on water quality? I was also wondering what interest people would have in a leave/debris cleanup, assuming this makes a difference in water quality? Any and all comments would be appreciated by this Bear Lake newbie.

    • Bear Lake Association says

      Hi Mike – Welcome to the neighborhood. It’s true, leaves and twigs add nutrients to the water that feed plants but when your lake lies in the middle of the forest, it’s pretty hard to keep them out. With that said, if you ask any lake property owner, they will tell you how frequently I encourage them to RAKE-THE-LAKE. If you have an effective and efficient way to clear the leaves, I would be interested in hearing about it.
      I’m truly disappointed that you have received information that the water quality has deteriorated. That is certainly not my or the board’s view. Invasive weeds have dramatically been reduced, the clarity has remained clear even reaching 50 feet in the spring and Michigan Lakes and Streams Association have ranked us one of the cleanest lakes in the state. EGLE will not allow us to treat native plants, and we don’t want to. They filter the water and provide a great habitat for our abundant fish population.
      Our lake association members have also “fallen for the place”. Bear Lake makes it easy. Thank for your note.
      Sam, President, Bear Lake Association

      • Mike Knudstrup says

        Dear Sam,

        Yes, I think I saw your encouragement to rake the lake. I’ve never attempted to remove leaves from a lake so I am open to ideas. I was thinking some type of metal basket tool would be slow but effective. I would certainly join in any clean up effort if I were available. Thank you for your follow-up post. Mike

        • CHERYL L OBRIEN says

          Mike, You can purchase a lake rake online. Many people use them and like them. I have found my garden rake and leaf rakes more manageble and prefer them over the lake rakes I have borrowed and tried. My neighbor also has found that she prefers her leaf rake and piles the debris on a foam water matress to transport to shore for disposal. I float a 5 gallon bucket with me as I rake. Find what works for you – endless ideas. Welcome!

  7. Jeff Burger says

    Does anyone know of a company which can take our pontoon out at the end of the season and trailer to our house on Bear Lake at the end of the season?

    • Dick Miller says

      Mike Price has done that kind of work in the past and assume he still does. Try these phone numbers: 231-564-3008 or 231-886-0028.

      Dick Miller

    • Yes Jeff!!!!! Lol use Mike Price he has always done a great job for everyone around the lake he does docks and lifts and boats as well. He does take outs and put ins. Call or text me if you need his number.

  8. Christine McCarthy says

    Beautiful one of a kind floor lamp for sale. The main body is juniper and the base is a distinctive burl wood. Cord runs through the center of the juniper and is not exposed. Approx. 8 feet tall with shade. Purchased from Woodland Creek 15 years ago. If interested, I can email you pictures. $300, OBO.

  9. I am looking for a new guy to install our dock. Any recommendations?

  10. Hello! We are wondering if anyone knows of a company in the area they would recommend for window treatments. We would like to block out the afternoon sun from the large windows during the July and August. Thanks for your help!

  11. Matthew Boyd says

    Hello Everyone,

    Moved into this area in September and now i am wondering where we take our yard waste and leaves as I get ready to clean up this Spring.

    • Bear Lake Association says

      The only place I know of legally to dispose of compostables is American Waste north of town. They charge $10 a cubic yard.

  12. Laura Majewski says

    We recently had to sell our place on Bear Lake so we need to find a new home for our 2000 Sea Doo GS (with travel trailer). Engine completely rebuilt in 2012 by Lakes and Trails (can provide receipts). It is a fun little PWC. Pictures available on request. Currently located close to Bear Lake if you would like to take a look at it. Price $1500 or best.

  13. We are looking for a reliable and experience person to sand & stain our deck. Can anyone recommend someone?


  14. Erika Sharpe says

    I am wondering if anyone has knowledge/experience with ADA lodging in the area? Looking for a place that can accommodate a person in a wheelchair. If anyone has used any hotels close to Bear Lake that have nice accommodations I would like a recommendation.

    Thank you

  15. Bear Lake Association says

    Anyone have a reliable cleaning person? We just lost ours. We like every two weeks most of the year and monthly during the Winter months. FYI Dawn McLean never called us back (she has been recommended previously). Thanks, Jeff and Mary Burmeister

  16. Mary Batsakis says

    In the last week or so, I’ve had 8 dead fish wash ashore on my property. They are all small 6 inches long at the most, some smaller, bass or blue gill. I don’t recall this happening in the past.

    • Bear Lake Association says

      Hi Mary –
      Maybe the wind was just right? I also have seen several dead ones but I can’t say it’s any more than normal. I know my grandchildren catch and release the small ones and maybe they don’t survive? I’ll keep an ear open for any more reports. I hope it’s not something worse.

  17. Patty Grant says

    Ny suggestions on HVAC businesses? We want to install a mini split a/c.

    • Bear Lake Association says

      I highly recommend GeoFurnace in TC. 231-943-1000. They put in a new furnace and AC unit several years ago and it very efficient and quiet. Great customer service, too.


  18. MR N J SHIELDS says

    Hello Bear lake,
    I am coming to the bear lake area to stay with my family in July, is there a July 4th fireworks nearby anyone can recommend?

    Also can can I swim in Bear lake? I have a daughter who is 4yrs old, any advice would be great. would she need a wet suit? is there a public access area?

    Thanks again

    • Bear Lake Association says

      Hi Nick –

      Cub Lake (1/2 mile down the road) and Fife Lake (about 15 miles) used to have a really nice display. Not sure they are doing it anymore. Traverse City (about 45 minutes), of course, has an awesome display.

      We have one of the cleanest lakes in the state – yes, you can swim in it. There is a small public access on the southeast side with a swallow water, picnic tables, some grass and a port-a-john. In July, our spring fed water temps are about 70 degrees. Cool when you first get in but you quickly get used to it. I have never seen anywhere wear a wet suit in July – at any age.

      At the corner of M72 and W Bear Lake Rd, there is a gas station with basic groceries, a fabulous little hometown restaurant and an up scale liquor/grocery store with hundreds of craft beers, wines and liquors.

      Hope that helps.

  19. Super Shape! Blue Pedal boat for sale
    Five person, blue and white, with blue canopy. Has molded cooler/storage compartment.
    Purchased but never found the time to use.
    Same boat for sale as holiday special for $499 at local store. Looking to sell for $275.
    Cash deal.
    Boat is leaning against retaining wall with For Sale sign near north end.
    If interested contact Debbie 248-207-0063

  20. Bear Lake Association says

    We got a new dock this year and need to find a home for our old one. It’s a wooden dock with auger-style posts, and it is well used but still has some life in it if there is someone that would like to have it – FREE. You will have to get it yourself. It’s at 11318 Hillcrest. Pictures sent upon request.

    Erika Sharpe

  21. Maggie Neaton says

    I am looking to hire someone to cut our grass this summer. We are on the north end of the lake. Does anyone know of a person or company who does this for summer homes on Bear Lake?

  22. Debbie 248-207-0063 says

    I have several sections of wood dock I am willing to give away, NO poles or hardware included.
    If interested contact Debbie.

  23. Jeff Burmeister says

    Looking for a few recommendations:
    1) Internet Provider – we can work remotely as long as we have a reliable connection so it would be nice to add-on to weekends if we didn’t have to worry about dropping online meetings
    2) After Stay Cleaning – this would be more irregular as opposed to “every two weeks” so someone who accepts an “as needed” contract would be nice
    3) Garbage – don’t really want to take it all the way home with me, so what options do we have?
    4) Dock – pretty sure our builder will install steps down to the lake, maybe a deck at the end of the steps but he does not do docks out into the water

    Thanks, Jeff

    • Sarah Dudek says

      Hi Jeff. Dawn McLean-Baggs lives in Kalkaska and does an excellent job of cleaning. She does several investment properties and lake houses in the area and is very professional. Let me know if you need any info. Feel free to send me an e-mail if you would like.

    • I use the new Spectrum 1-877-764-4039 for phone, internet and TV, they gave me a great deal and they are reliable, unlike COLI that provides the wireless for the lake. We had nothing but trouble with service (reliability, speed) , equipment, and billing.

      Trash, we use American Waste 231-258-9030, 1-800-544-2663

      Tanner Blower is great at putting in docks, removing them, he has boat lifts, etc. for sale. 231-384-5299

      Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any other questions, my family has been on the lake since 1959.

      Lorie Fulton Albertson

    • Dick Miller says

      Internet Provider: I have Charter / Spectrum for Cable TV. I’m not at the cottage often enough to use their the high speed Internet service. The other options I’m aware of in terms of the Internet would be to either put a dish at your location or purchase an air card. The dish option is more expensive. I had an air card from Sprint when I was still working and it was pretty reliable. It picks up signals from the cell phone towers.

      Garbage: Offer to share a neighbor’s expense for trash removal and use the recycling bin by the township hall. Most households generate more recycling than trash.

      Dock: Mike Price (Black Creek Landscaping) puts in and takes out docks. I believe he also sells docks. Mike Price’s cell phone number is 231-624-0067.

      Hope this helps.

      Dick Miller

    • Kristin Royston says

      I’m looking for an electrician any recommendations?

  24. Murray Howe says

    Missing: Old Town two-person kayak. Pea green.

    If found, please call Murray Howe 419 351-8863
    Many thanks!

  25. We’re looking for a builder to design, remodel and add-on to our cottage. Or a designer/architect and a builder? Any recommendations?

  26. I want to personally thank Sam & Jo Rahaim for their gracious hospitality in taking my Au Sable Lake Ecology students and me out on your beautiful lake to do water chemistry and other measurements. Yesterday was our 4th annual time doing this. I’ve worked with many lake residents and associations while teaching this class in this area over the past 22 years, and I can unequivocally say that Bear Lake is blessed with a fantastic Lake Assoc. President (Sam), other Board members, CLMP lake sampling volunteer (, and caring/concerned/supportive/proactive fellow lakeside homeowners. I commend all of you for helping keep your lake so beautiful. John
    PS Seeing the loons – mother, father, and their 2 chicks (youngsters now) yesterday – was an amazing added benefit!

    • Jeff Burmeister says

      Anyone have a reliable cleaning person? We just lost ours. We like every two weeks most of the year and monthly during the Winter months. FYI Dawn McLean never called us back (she has been recommended previously). Thanks, Jeff and Mary

  27. Sue Tucker says

    For Sale: Yellow & Tan Water Wheeler Paddle Boat. Very good condition, clean – rarely used. It spent more time up on shore than in the water. I have pictures that I can send if you are interested. $200 or reasonable offer. We are motivated sellers! Let’s make a deal! We want someone to use and enjoy it this summer!

    Email: or call: 248-417-3442.

    Sue Tucker

  28. Mary Dahmer says

    Does anyone have any other internet provider they use besides charter spectrum. Their cable is too far from our cabin to use.



    • Sue Tucker says

      We are on the west side of the lake and use 186 Networks (formerly COLI Communications). I have two numbers for them: 888-299-0071 & 231-331-4622.

      Hope this helps,

      Sue Tucker

  29. We have 2 old windsurfers that need a new home–free to whoever wants them. They came with the cottage when we bought it, and have never used them, so I cant offer any help on how to set up and use them. We think they are kid sized. Please call or text me at 734-718-9119, or email at

  30. Chuck Moore says

    Boat lift for sale – 4000# Lakeshore Lift. 7 years old, all aluminum frame, perfect condition. No canopy, but can be installed. Call Chuck at 248-303-0277 or reply to this if you or anyone you know is interested.

  31. Todd Lincoln says

    Found a Rubbermaid closet ( roof missing) on the east shore next to the boat launch.

  32. K. SCHUPBACH says

    FOUND~ a beige paddle boat is stranded on our shoreline along Hillcrest behind our wooden dock. Please come get it.
    Call to 248 462 1292 for info

  33. Hi. Looking for a 14 or 16 foot rowboat.
    Please contact Brian 248 462 1290.
    South side on Hillcrest.

  34. Sue Miller says

    Bill from Fast Storage on M72 and Lake Valley Rd is now selling docks and lifts. His number is 231-313-4057

  35. Sue Miller says

    I’m looking for a used 9 or 10 foot kayak with a paddle for our granddaughter. Our phone number is 231-392-6263

  36. Adam Wszola says

    Upgraded the boat and now I’m looking for a larger boat hoist. Is anyone looking to sell their current hoist ? I need something that can handle at least 2500# and it needs to be aluminum. My current one is also for sale. It’s an aluminum rated up to 2000# and is the cantilever style. Currently located on our beach. on the east side of the lake. I can help with delivery depending on where you need it.
    Thanks- Adam

    • Bob Neaton says

      Adam – I am selling my boat lift – aluminum, solar panel battery operated, 4000 -4500#. Includes a 26′ long beige canopy cover. It’s on our beachfront on the north side of the lake if you want to look at it. Less than 5 years old. If interested, call 313-407-8556. Bob

    • Kim Beckman says

      Adam, we might be interested in your lift. We are on Hillcrest. What are you asking for it?

    • Chuck Moore says

      Adam, if you’re still looking, I am selling my lift. It’s 7 years old, 4000# capacity, all aluminum frame, no canopy, perfect condition. I have to get a higher capacity lift for a new boat I’m getting. Feel free to call at 248-303-0277.

  37. Hi everyone,
    We’re looking for referrals for granite or possibly corian. We’re redoing our kitchen and looking for someone that does good quality work at a fair price. Anyone familiar with this? Thanks, Diane

  38. Mary Dahmer says

    I am looking for a pontoon boat. If anyone has one they would like to sell please let me know.

    • Mike Smelker says

      Hi Mary, this is |Mike Smelker I live on ||Hillcrest, I’m selling my 24 ft ||Sanpan Pontoon for $800.00 or best offer its 1983 with a new |Bimini top it has a 25 horse |Johnson motor on it reupholstered seats. |If interested you may contact me at (517-282-9713) |Thank you| !

  39. Hello,
    We are looking for a Drone/service to take aerial pictures of the lake and our home. Any info is appreciated.
    Thank you

    • Amy,
      I have a drone and will be doing some photos of our place on the lake this spring/summer let me know if you are still looking.

      • Mike Brehm says

        Hi Mike
        I would be interested in aerial photos of our place at 924 E Bear Lake. I also just purchased a place on Lake Margrethe if your interested in shooting a few over there this summer.
        Mike Brehm

  40. Is there a place in the area to dispose of garbage? Cost?

    • Bear Lake Association says

      American Waste, about two miles north of Kalkaska on 131, will take just about anything at $24 per cubic yard.


  41. Looking for a referral for some power washing and staining. I am pretty finicky so I would like someone who takes pride in their work and is detailed oriented. Also I was hoping to find someone to put in and take out docks. I seen advertisements for DBR has anyone used them? Or have someone else to refer?

    • Robin moulton says

      We have had Bob Terry and his crew put in and take out our dock and hoist for many years. His shop is the Terry Sports on M72 just west of grayling. Always done a good job 989-348-7746

    • I use Tanner Blower, he is a great help and always willing to help anybody. 231-384-5299. He has been helping our family for years and years.

  42. Mike Pickell says

    Hello Barb. Is the hoist big and wide enough to hold a small 14″ fishing boat that is 72″ wide? Thanks.

    • Barb Barrett says

      We will check later today, but my husband used the hoist for his 14 foot fishing boat. The hoist is empty so if you want to try your boat in the hoist that is fine, We will be back at the cabin by dinner time. Barb

  43. Steven J Banchero says

    I have a place over on Lake Valley and was looking for a recommendation on someone to do some roofing and siding work. Thanks!

  44. Jeff & Christine McCarthy says

    We are looking for a snow plowing recommendation. Any referrals would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

  45. Dale & Barb Chiaravalli says

    Looking for someone who has had a seawall installed in the last year or so. Would like advice and/or recommendations for someone to do the job. Thanks.

    • Bear Lake Association says

      Fleming Construction 989-386-2200 is on the lake right now repairing and installing 5 seawalls on the west side. You might call them to have them give you an estimate.

      Sam Rahaim

      • Robin moulton says

        We are one of the houses that had a new sea wall installed. Fleming did a good job and the guys were very nice to speak with. Professional people. After the permits came in they got right to work and had the wall done in a couple of weeks. Havent seen the completed job because they still had the stones to put in but expect to be pleased when we’re up next time.

  46. Amy Brehm says

    We are looking for after stay house cleaning help. Someone very trustworthy that we would feel comfortable giving access to the house, detail oriented and thorough. It would require a full cleaning, some laundry, changing/making beds.

    Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated!
    Thank you!

    • Kim Beckman says

      We use Julie Ginther for a housekeeper, she lives in Grayling. I am not sure if she might want to take on another. She is very trustworthy, reliable, very nice and also does laundry for our rental.

      In the past we used Loretta Minnick, also from Grayling. Due to some health concerns she no longer cleans but did contact me this year as she has someone that would like to take on some cleaning; I did not ask who it was and do not know them but Loretta was wonderful also.

      If interested, please contact me for their numbers – 616-822-8219. Kim Beckman

  47. Daniel & Laura Majewski says

    We are looking for a resource/company/person to:

    1. Building/Repair Decking/deck stairs
    2. Putting in docks/hoists
    3. Replacement of Anderson windows
    4. Any company providing Wifi service to the lake

    Thanks for any help. It is appreciated.

    Dan & Laura Majewski

    • Bob Murray says

      I use Mike Price for all the above. 231-624-0067 If not let me know that does not work and I have additional options. Ernie and his brother do the docks. 231-735-5398

      • Dan Majewski says

        Thanks for the referral on the docks.

        If you have anyone else for minor deck repair and deck pwshing and staining I would appreciate it. Thanks Bob.

    • Hi Dan, We recently used Matt Rosenburg for some work. We would highly recommend his work and integrity. Come over and take a look. Sue

      • Dan Majewski says


        If you can pass along his number and/or email address it would be great. I trust your referral and if we have a chance this weekend we can swing over to take a look at any work he performed. We are just in need of some work to be done relatively quickly. Call my cell at 248-318-7056 if you prefer.


      • Matt Rosenburg has done all of our deck work at 1174 and 1006 W. Bear lake Rd. He does an excellent job and is quick and reliable. His cell is 231-624-1018

  48. Bear Lake Association says

    Dan & Laura Majewski on Sunset shores write:
    Looking for a referral for a well company in the area. Any help would be appreciated.

    • We recently had an issue that led to us need a new well pump. We called Jim ‘ s Well Drilling and pump service. They came out that same day and fixed our problem. They were very knowledgeable and kind. I would use them again in a heartbeat. Their number is 989-348-8788

  49. David Cabral says

    If anyone around the lake needs any TV and/or appliances service I highly recommend Jerry’s TV & Appliance Service in Kalkaska. Throughout the years we’ve relied on Jerry for our service needs and would highly recommend him to all of our friends and neighbors here on Bear Lake! Visit their website at or call Jerry at 231-258-9347. You won’t be disappointed with the great, honest and reliable level of service you”ll receive!

  50. Bear Lake Association says


    This link provides excellent information, by way of Q & A, regarding a new lake road end law. A new Michigan law was passed last year that details what is prohibited in the lake abutting road ends and the fines associated with an infraction. Overall, the new law is pro-riparian and pro-public lake access.

    Here is the actual law:

  51. Bear Lake Association says


    Purple loosestrife is an invasive exotic perennial plant that has been found growing in the Northwest corner of Bear Lake. Although only a small patch was found, we should all be aware of it because it can quickly drive out native plants and disrupt the natural ecosystem. The good news is, unlike phragmites, Purple loosestrife can be removed by pulling it out by hand (which was done on the patch we found). Protecting the lake from this and other invasive species will likely be an ongoing project. Here’s an article about purple loosestrife in Michigan.


  52. Bear Lake Association says


    Here is a resource that will tell you everything you wanted to know about this very invasive plant.

  53. Bear Lake Association says


    This video is about do’s and don’t of owning a home on a lake. It gives you some ideas on the impact you may have on the lake. There are also many links to different topics, including phragmites, a very invasive lake weed.

    Any comments would be appreciated.

  54. We would like to add internet services this year for our laptops and kindle’s. What choices do we have in the area? Wireless providers?

    • COLI (Chain of Lakes) installed two 10′ towers on either side of the lake a couple of years ago for high speed internet. The website is

      They have a few options depending on the speed you want. I think all of the board members have it and are fairly well satisfied with it.

  55. Bear Lake Association says

    Buying & Selling Waterfront Property in Michigan.
    We would hate to see you go but if you have to, we have received some information from the Michigan Lake & Stream Association that may help. It’s a 264 page book “…a ‘how to’ publication that deals with numerous real estate and waterfront issues.” The purchase price is $20 plus S&H. We have no recommendations about this book. We are just providing you the information.
    If you’re interested, please send a note to the Association email address –

  56. Mike Sakuta says

    Michael Price (Black Creek Landscape and Snowplow ) is VERY RELIABLE and fair in pricing.

    I’ve used Michael Price for all odd jobs, leaf raking,snow removal, repairs on my house and all around my house for the last 20 years and I would recommend too everybody.

  57. Bear Lake Association says
  58. Bear Lake Association says

    A new property owner is looking for some recommendations from other owners who have had some favorable experiences with some services. Specifically, they are looking for reliable, respectable services in:
    – chimney sweeps
    – snow removal
    – furnace cleaning and
    – tree removal service
    Please reply to this note if you have anyone you would like to recommend. Thank you.

    • Mary Batsakis says

      Tree Removal:
      I recommend Northwood Tree Service (owner, Randy Gilbert) for tree removal and trimming. HIs address is 2525 Valley Rd. Kalkaska, MI 49646, Phone: 231-384-0662

      Snow Plowing:
      Black Creek Landscape and Snowplowing (owner, Mike Price). Phone 231-624-0067

    • Diane Wszola says

      Would also like to recommend Al’s Outside Maintenance(Al Olszewski) 231-258-1245 for snowplowing. He does many other things too, but I haven’t had him do anything other than snowplowing so far.

    • Maggie Neaton says

      We used Advanced Quality Chimney Professionals to clean our fireplace. Carl Sandel was very nice, knowledgable and neat! (No mess left behind when he was done…) He also repaired our chimney cap and power washed the mold off our roof. I would highly recommend him. Phone number 231-258-5054

  59. I want to share my experience with the use of the Lake Mat because I feel it helps the lake in an environmentally friendly way. I left the mat in one place for three weeks and virtually all my pondweed was gone. For some reason, I have been infested with these weeds. I’m now on my third area and each time it totally eliminated the weeds. That’s not to say the weeds don’t come back at all. I have very few weeds compared to what it was.

    I did a lot of research and found this one to be the easiest to use. As a matter of fact, Jason from PLM, our hired biologist, also sells the Lake Mat. I called the owner and inventor of this product, Doug Fast, and he said that if anyone mentions Bear Lake when ordering it, he would give them a 10% discount. Additionally, if you can get together with three more interested owners, he would have an employee deliver the four them to you for $20 each. Normal shipping for one is $60. 10 get them to you for $10 each.

    I am not getting any kickbacks for this. I just think it’s a good product and it does what the website claims it does. You can click on the link under “Friends of Bear Lake” for all the information.

    Check it out for yourself. I live on the west side where the small pontoon boat is docked with the block M Michigan flag on it.

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