New Loon Chick Arrives

After a two year absence, our loon couple finally have a new arrival.  Born on either July 25th or 26th, the tiny bird has been seen several times riding on its parents’s back and even swimming on its own.

Please be aware of this family and keep at least 200. feet away.  We would like to keep them around.  And thank you for your cooperation during the nesting.  It worked!

Fun Fact:  Out of 11,000 lakes over 5 acres in Michigan , only 300 have nesting loons.  We are so lucky.

Thanks again to Kim Schneider on Hillcrest for these amazing photos.


Tree Cutting Guide & Soil Erosion Permits

Laura Hendricks, the Kalkaska County Planning, Zoning & Soil Erosion administrator indicated that you may cut down any tree on your property up to 500 feet from the lake, even on the shoreline, without applying for a soil erosion permit providing you do not remove the stump and roots.  
The State of Michigan’s Department of Environment, Great Lakes and Energy (EGLE) in an overview of Part 91* indicates that:
“A permit is generally required for any earth change activity which disturbs one or more acres of land or which is within 500 feet of a lake or stream.”
So any vegetation that changes the earth generally requires a permit.  Bottom line: when in doubt, apply for a permit.
You can find more information of Part 91 at:
*Soil Erosion and Sedimentation Control of the Natural Resources and Environmental Protection Act.

2022 4th of July Boat Parade

It was a very close vote.  Christmas in July received 7 votes, Mermaid received 6 votes and Balloons received 3 votes.  Thanx to all who voted.
Congratulations to the Nichols/Koss boat for their creativity.
Thank all of you on your docks and shorelines who waved and greeted us as we passed by.  It was great fun for us and I hope for you.
The pictures of the all boats have been posted on the Photo Gallery tab.