A Big Fish Story

It’s not often I get a phone call offering a free gift.  But that is exactly what happened last Tuesday.  The Jordan River Fish Hatchery delivered almost 750 brook and 2000 rainbow trout to Bear Lake.  And these fish are beauties; average length 10-12″, although there were several at 15″.  (The DNR stocks Bear Lake each year with brown and rainbow trout that average 5-7″.)   If you talk to our group of volunteers, nothing is free!  Rich Vervisch, Don May, Phil Resko, and Craig O’Brien provided manual labor carrying heavy nets full of fish from the tanker truck to the waiting tub on my pontoon boat.  It took 10 trips to the deep water of Bear Lake to dump the fish into the coldest lake water.  During the boat ride to the fishes’ new home, my grandsons, Mason and Landen, kept the fish entertained by playing with them on the pontoon.  These big fish did get away!



11th Annual Bear Lake Association Meeting

We thank everyone who attended for their patience during our first Zoom annual meeting.
Click on the links below to review the meeting minutes and the PowerPoint slide show presented at the Annual Meeting on May 28, 2020 via the online meeting service.
Also included are the 2019 Cooperative Lakes  Monitoring Program (CLMP) report and the 2019 AuSable Institute report.

2019 AuSable Institute Bear Lake final report


Annual Meeting to be Zoomed

The 11th Annual Bear Lake Association Meeting is set for Thursday, May 28th at 7:30 pm.  You will get you Zoom meeting notice very soon.  

Please join us.