Do your part and be SepticSmart!

Simple tips for homeowners:,9429,7-135–568384–,00.htm

How Your Septic System Can Impact Nearby Water Sources


And the Winner Is…

… boat Number One.  Sally Shull, on Hillcrest, created this tribute.  Jeff said he had nothing to do with it.  The vote was overwhelming in favor of #1 with 12 votes with #3 (Scott and Rebecca Toney) receiving 3 votes.  Thank you to all who participated.  And thank you to all on the shorelines and docks who greeted us .  You were amazing!


2021 4th of July Boat Parade

Here are the finalists.  Please vote for the best decorated 4th of July boat.  No criteria – just the one you like the best.  And if each finalist could identify themselves, I would appreciate it.  All of the boats (29) are shown in the Photo Gallery tab.  Not a record.  There were 37 boats in 2019.