12th Annual Bear Lake Association Meeting

We thank everyone who attended the Annual Meeting on May 30, 2021. both in person and via Zoom .
Click on the links below to review the meeting minutes and the very informative and interesting speech of Dr Fred Van Dyke about Bear Lake’s formation and current status.

The Lake Is Changing…

(I know this is a repetitious note for some of you but this site is how I want to communicate to everyone.  So I’m trying to get everyone to signup for automatic emails like you did.)
… and not for the better.
It saddens me to have to write this note. Too many times this summer I get complaints about excessive yelling, screaming, and loud music with f-bombs late into the night.  Large numbers of people at one place continue their partying well past 11 pm. 
Many of us have young grandchildren that have to listen to loud music and profanity well past their bedtime.  You are responsible for your guests and renters.  This is where we live – it is not a Sandals.
I am not the lake’s policeman, nor do I want to be, but I have talked to the sheriff a few times and they are ready to respond if contacted.  Please do your neighbors the common courtesy of limiting the conversations and music to reasonable hours.
And if you see or hear something that is clearly excessive and/or offensive, do us all a favor and call the sheriff – 231-258-3350.  Maybe if they come enough times it will make a difference.
We want all your guests and renters to enjoy the lake but please have them show respect for your neighbors.

The Winner of the 2020 4th of July Boat Parade is …

… the Abe Lincoln boat by Rebecca & Scott (Abe) Toney & family on Hillcrest.  Their son, although he can’t be seen in the photo, was dressed like our ninth president, William Henry Harrison.  

See all 27 boats in the Photo Gallery tab.